Much technology is designed to help people enact processes faster and more precisely. Yet, these advantages can come at the cost of other, perhaps less tangible, values. In this workshop we aim to articulate values associated with handmade through a co-creative exploration in the food domain. Our objective is to explore the potential of integrating such values into future food-related technologies.

In a full day workshop we will: critically reflect on the notion of handmade; engage actively with food—production, plating and consumption—as design material; and conduct collective discussions around the values that these processes and materials can embody when attended to through lenses other than efficiency.

By handmaking: touching, smelling, tasting, listening, speaking and enacting choreographies with the materials at hand, we hope to deepen the discussion of the meaning associated with the handmade and bring a richness to ways that designers, developers and other thinkers imagine future food-related technologies. We invite all those interested in future food-related technologies to bring their diverse perspectives to the topic.